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Male Menopause- Testosterone Insufficiency


The male menopause or ‘Andropause’ is a relatively common condition , that often goes unrecognised. It may be age related or due to an underlying medical condition. It is sometimes called hypogonadism. It leads to low levels of testosterone which can cause:-

  • Reduced energy levels and mood

  • Decreased sex drive

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Poor concentration and memory

  • Diminished sense of general health and well being


Normal levels of testosterone vary between 10-30. Because levels vary between individuals and through out the day, symptoms are often more important than biochemical levels at diagnosing the problem and determining who needs treatment.  Diagnosis of testosterone insufficiency is done by a blood test for testosterone levels, and an experienced doctor taking a thorough history and examination. Restoring testosterone levels to a normal range can help drugs like ‘Viagra’ work more effectively and give men a better sense of wellbeing. 


Dr Meurisse can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of restoring testosterone levels to normal values with you. This can be done by either using a gel once a day or having an injection every 3 months. Dr Meurisse is experienced in discussing the difficulties caused by low testosterone. If you feel this may be affecting you we are happy to see you and discuss the issues involved.

It is important to have your PSA and other blood tests checked before starting treatment, and once on treatment you will need blood tests a month after starting treatment, at six months and then an annual basis if stable. 

Dr Meurisse has twenty years experience at treating low testosterone both in her current role as a urology doctor at the Royal Surrey County Hospital and as a GP. She gives educational talks on the subject to GPs. 

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