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Erectile Dysfunction


Many men can experience difficulties obtaining and maintaining an erection. It is important to have a full assessment to look for the underlying cause, as this itself may require treatment.

Treating erectile dysfunction ususally starts with one of the 'Viagra' like drugs. We can guide you on which medication may be more suitable for you and how to take them. Unfortunately this approach isn't right for everyone and some patients are more suited to other methods such as topical treatment, the vaccuum pump, injections or even an implant.



Loss of Sex Drive (Libido)


This may be due to physical or psychological factors , or a combination of both. Low testosterone levels are a common cause and this can be identified with a blood test, which we can carry out and interpret. Other symptoms of testosterone insufficiency (tiredness, low energy, poor memory and mood) also need to be assessed. For those who need it testosterone can be easily and effectively supplemented.



Premature Ejaculation


This can be treated witha variety of approaches. Medication can be taken successfully but some men prefer not to rely on medication and instead can delay the time to ejaculation by learning special exercises.



Sex After Surgery or Radiotherapy


Some men unfortunately experience sexual difficulties as a result of surgery or other forms of treatment.  Dr Meurisse is experienced at working with these patients in helping them to recover their sexual function



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