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Immunisations  Currently Unavailable


Immunisations offer the opportunity to prevent life threatening illnesses. We are able to offer the following immunisations. Please advise us in advance which immunisation you would like as not all immunisations are kept in stock.


ACWY meningitis  £POA per dose (Course 1 dose)

Flu jab £POA under 65, £POA over 65 (available to registered patients only)

Pneumococcal  £POA (Course 1 dose)

Meningitis B £POA per dose (Course 2 doses)

Varicella (chicken pox) £POA per dose (Course 2 doses)

Shingles from £POA per dose (Course 2 doses)

Hepatitis A £POA per dose (Course 2 doses)

Hepatitis B £POA per dose (Course 3 doses)

Cholera £POA for course of 2 oral doses

Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio £POA per dose (Booster)

Japanese encephalitis £POA per dose (Course 3 doses)

Rabies £POA per dose (Course 3 doses)

Typhoid £POA per dose (Course 1 dose)

HPV Gardasil 9 £POA per dose (Course 2 doses)

MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) £POA (booster)

Tick born encephalitis £POA per dose (Course 3 doses)

We do not offer BCG or yellow fever

These prices are correct on 1st October 2023

The prices may change due to fluctuations in price from the manufacturer.

If you cancel your appointment after the vaccination has been ordered you may still be charged for the cost of the vaccine.

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