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Visa, Work and Bespoke Medicals

One Stop Clinic

Foreign Visa, Work and Bespoke medicals usually require a consultation and investigations.

We offer a one stop clinic where you are able to see the doctor and have all tests done on the same day. No need to return or go elsewhere for x-rays, ultrasounds, blood tests, ECGs or Stress ECGs.

Chinese Visa Medical -  £415 includes chest x-ray, HIV and syphilis blood test, blood group and ECG


South African Visa Medical - £210 includes chest x-ray

Cayman Islands Medical - £395 includes chest x-ray, HIV and syphilis test, urine test

Bahrain Visa Medical - £525 includes chest x-ray, urine test, stool test, ECG, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV and syphilis tests.


Motorsports association (MSA) medicals - £165 includes medical and ECG, £341 includes medical and stress ECG

Fitness to compete in extreme sport event - £601 includes Exercise ECG and a full service health assessment for men or active wellwoman health assessment for women.

HGV medicals - we do not offer HGV medicals


We are happy to provide a quote for work, visa and bespoke medicals. Please email your requirements to

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