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Long Covid Clinic

We are now taking appointments for our Long Covid Clinic.

Please email or phone 01483 826367 for an appointment

Price £500 for the Long Covid assessment with the GP (stage 1)

(Price £242 for Long Covid assessment without blood tests and ECG)

Long Covid is when people experience symptoms for more than 12 weeks after the onset of covid 19. The symptoms can be extremely variable and particularly affect the lungs, heart, skin, ear nose and throat, energy and mental health.

At the Guildford Private General Practice, we are committed to delivering holistic and compassionate care to all of our patients and have made it our aim to learn as much as we can about the new condition of Long Covid as it has developed over the past year. We realised early on that the challenges faced by patients after recovery from acute Covid 19 infection are often multiple and complex and needed a management approach specifically designed to be adaptable and personalised to each patient with the involvement of several different specialists with a generalist overview. We have collaborated with our consultant colleagues to share knowledge in teaching sessions and are excited to develop a brand new service for our patients. 

We will be working alongside our specialist colleagues to deliver the Long Covid Clinic at Mount Alvernia Hospital in Guildford.  

Further information about the clinic can be found at 

Message from the Long Covid Clinic:

'We are a dedicated group of health care professionals that are passionate about improving the health of people with complications of Covid-19. Based in Guildford, Surrey, we have access to medical consultants from multiple specialties, general practitioners, physiotherapists as well as mental health services. Our multi-disciplinary approach enables us to provide a tailored approach to each individual patient depending on their needs. Between us we have extensive experience in managing patients with Covid-19 and are also actively involved in clinical trials to ensure the most up to date treatments are available.'

STAGE 1 - at The Guildford Private General Practice

You will undergo a comprehensive hour long assessment with a GP which will include a full medical history and examination. A Long Covid panel of blood tests together with an ECG (heart trace) will be undertaken.

The cost is £500 with an extra £90 charge if you require a chest x-ray.

(£242 for Long Covid GP assessment only without bloods and ECG)

Depending on the nature of your symptoms, you may need to be referred to a single specialist for further investigations. Alternatively if your case is more complex, you will be referred to a General Physician (stage 2).

STAGE 2 - General Physician and Multi-disciplinary team

For those patients requiring a multi-disciplinary approach and bespoke management programme, your care will be overseen by a General Physician. Together you will create a treatment plan which may include a course of physiotherapy, further investigations and identification of any other specialists required. Your progress will be discussed in monthly multi-disciplinary team meetings and you will have your own hand-held notes which will contain your medical information.

STAGE 3 - General Physician and Multi-disciplinary team

Over the course of several months you will be regularly reviewed and your management plan updated as required. We will be using a variety of tools to assess your progress including review of treatment goals, questionnaires and if necessary medical tests to confirm resolution of covid-19 complications. You will also have access to advice and given information about organisations that may be able to help you further.

Further information about the clinic and prices for Stage 2 and 3 can be found at 

If you are interested in an appointment please email us at

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