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Travel Clinic

We are currently unable to provide a travel vaccination

clinic due to vaccination supply issues


Travel Vaccinations


At the Guildford Private General Practice we are happy to advise on all travel destinations

and also offer travel vaccinations and medication, such as anti-malarials. Some vaccinations

need more than one dose to complete the course so it is best to contact us 2 months

before your intended date of travel if possible.


Before your appointment please complete the travel vaccination form and email it to us so

that we can ensure we have all the appropriate vaccinations ready for your consultation.

You can also find more extensive travel information at

We are not a Yellow Fever centre

For prices click here


Anti-malarial medication


At the end of your travel clinic appointment we will provide you with a presciption for anti-malarials if this are recommended in the area you are traveling to.

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