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Alcohol – Know your limits


Medical advice is to limit your drinking to 14 units a week, avoiding binge drinking and having at least 2 alcohol-free days a week. If you have become concerned about how much you are drinking, have been advised to cut down by family or friends, or are feeling guilty about how much you feel the urge to drink, it is important you talk to someone about it. The line between regular social drinking and drinking enough to damage your heath can be a blurred one, which many people cross without even realising.

Regularly exceeding the recommended levels of alcohol intake can cause a range of health complaints, from stomach problems to mental illness and increased risk of cancers. We can organise blood tests and liver scans to check for any alcohol-related damage as well as giving support and advice to enable you to improve your general health and reduce risk of alcohol-related problems in the future.


  • Alcohol Intake Assessment

  • Monitor & Support your Physical Health

  • Check your Liver Function

  • Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

  • Risk Reduction Advice provides an alcohol unit calculator and drinking assessment.


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