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At the end of your consultation with us should you wish to try any form of contraceptive tablet, patch, vaginal ring or diaphragm we will be happy to provide a private prescription which you can take to the pharmacy at Mount Alvernia Hospital or any other pharmacy that is convenient for you. There is no additional charge for this prescription.


Contraceptive Implant


Coil Contraception

  • We can also perform a cervical smear and/or a STD check at the same time as the coil is inserted or removed.


  • Mirena Coil Insertion     £430  (Dr Ballance only)

  • Mirena Coil Removal      £160  (Any of our GPs)


Dr Ballance has many years of experience fitting coils but occasionally, despite this, the coil insertion fails.

I'm afraid you would still be liable for the full cost. There might be a reduction available depending on how far you got through the procedure.

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